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The Gummy Smile treatment is perfect for patients who are insecure about their gums when they smile.
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13117-Highfield-Clinic_Treatment-Packages_Gummy-Smile_1280x400_AW Gummy Smile

The Gummy Smile treatment is perfect for patients who are insecure about their gums when they smile. It is a quick and easy solution to this problem which may have been overlooked by your dentist. At Yugen, we can work with our dental team to incorporate this treatment into your regular dental check ups.


A gummy smile is caused by a hyperactive muscle in the upper lip. To treat this we can use muscle-relaxing injections in the upper lip area to lower the top lip when you smile. We often couple this treatment with lip enhancements as a fuller upper lip also works to cover the gums when you smile. You’ll never have to hide your smile again!*


If you suffer from teeth-grinding in your sleep, we can also use muscle-relaxing injections to help you overcome this problem.*


Before you begin your treatment plan, our team will ensure you are fully informed of how your treatment works, as well as any potential risks.


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*Results will vary patient to patient

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